Harrisburg First SDA Church

Audio-Visual Capabilities

Updated: February 17, 2024



We can accept media in a number of ways (listed in our preferred order):

  1. Click Here to send our technology team a presentation, performance soundtrack, video, etc.  Please include any special instructions in the Comments field.

  2. For smaller files (< 25MB), you can email hfsda.tech@gmail.com with your media attached.

  3. For the remaining items, special arrangements must be made more than one week ahead so there is time to process:

  • USB Drive
  • Physical audio CD disc
  • Physical DVD disc (No Blu Ray discs)

Please do not ask to play media from a phone or other mobile device.  Problems with phones can burden our AV staff with unnecessary distractions (e.g. device locks before the media can be played, passwords/pin codes, unintended sounds from notifications).



  • 1 wired podium microphone.

  • 1 wireless microphone with a tie/lapel clip
    (Best Quality).

  • Dual compact wireless microphones with a tie/lapel clip.  Can also clip directly on to a lapel.
    (Both feed one input on the sound board).

  • 1/8" audio input at the podium.

  • 2 wired hand-held microphones.

  • 2 wireless hand-held microphones.

  • 1 wired studio (wide pickup angle) microphone on stand.

  • 1 wired piano mic.

  • 1 wired shotgun microphone on stand (used to capture ambient organ sound).

AV Booth

  • Audio playback from visuals computer.

  • 1/8” audio input.

  • Bluetooth Receiver




  • Projector -- Ceiling hung, 9,000 Lumen 1080p (1920x1080) projector.  Image approximately 16’ wide.

  • Coming Soon -- HDMI Projector input at Podium.

AV Booth

  • Guest Connection -- HDMI projector guest input in AV booth.

  • ProPresenter Visuals Host -- Mac presentation computer ​in AV booth with ProPresenter 7 and Microsoft Office.

  • PowerPoint Visuals Host -- Windows mini-PC in the AV booth with Microsoft Office for PowerPoint including a Presenter Display at the podium.  Speakers should Click Here to submit their sermon materials.

  • Live Stream Host -- Windows 11 PC with OBS Studio accepting video inputs from a switcher hosting two cameras and ProPresenter slides from the Visuals Host, streaming to the church YouTube channel at
  • DVD video playback from the Visuals Host computer in AV booth only..

  • Presentation Remote.

  • ProRemote can be loaded on a smartphone or tablet for controlling ProPresenter 7.