Harrisburg First SDA Church

Offering Appeal for February 12, 2022

Updated: February 25, 2022


PA Conference Elementary School Worthy Student

Seventh-day Adventists have long valued the concept of educating our young people to be the army of youth that will be empowered to hasten the second coming of Jesus. From the earliest years of our church history, we have understood the importance of opening schools to educate our children for service in proclaiming the gospel message. 

As our current world situation is unfolding, the Pennsylvania Conference has sensed an urgency that we focus on mission: Reaching Everyone, Everywhere, by spreading the gospel of Jesus across our state. One of the Conference’s eight strategic initiatives is “Together for our Kids,” recognizing the importance of sharing the gospel with our children and those families in our communities through Adventist education. The global pandemic and the challenges that are confronting education have only intensified our desire to creatively connect more families and children to Adventist education. 

Today you have the opportunity to unite together with us to empower the mission of Adventist education, enabling local schools and churches to share the gospel with children and families in our churches and in our communities. Thank you for giving generously.